Our GAME-CHANGING ARCADE is temporarily closed due to the pandemic.

We are now using our expertise in new technologies to explore the new realities of COVID-19 

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Virtual Presence

Don't let staying at home to social distance be a barrier to your work, study, or social life.  Let us use virtual and mixed reality technologies to transport you anywhere, and interact with anyone.  Think about what you miss from the good old days before physical distancing.  Is it going to school?  Shopping?  Hanging out with friends?  Or something else?  Let us know and we'll give that experience back to you.

Take our Arcade home

We miss playing our mesmerizing games too.  We are now offering our full virtual reality setup for you to rent.  This includes a wireless Vive Pro headset, a top of the line PC to power it, a special non-absorbent face cushion for easy cleaning, and over 20 of the most popular games like Half-Life: Alyx, and Beat Saber.  You deserve better than to be bored by acting responsibly and staying at home, and Netflix is not your only option.  Give us a shout and let us bring the fun to you! 

N95 & Surgical Masks

Whether you are a hospital, government agency, essential service, or just an individual looking to be more protected, we've got you covered with N95 and surgical masks delivered to your door steps.  Price gougers are horrible people and do not deserve your business.  We will always sell at cost, and only carry certified products from trusted suppliers we have worked with in the past.  As price and availability are always in flux, please contact us if you have any need.



Another Reality is a technology curator, our mandate is to introduce you to the benefits and fun of new technologies you previously aren’t familiar with or didn’t have access to.  We are experts in the functionalities and future developmental trends of new products from both start-ups and well-known corporations across the globe.

In light of the COVID-19, we had to pause our project of building a high-tech arcade that utilizes VR, AR, projections, and robotics to deliver you innovative social games.  We have adjusted our focus to delivering products and services that are essential to fighting against and living through this pandemic.


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